Winter Lights 

My favorite thing of living in London is that there’s always something going on. Last Tuesday after class, I went to an exhibition of LED lights in Canary Wharf.

A collection of 30 installations was being displayed for two weeks, so I had to stop to see the lights before they were removed. Since I had to walk a lot to find the lights and I had very limited time, I wasn’t able to see all of them. Continue reading “Winter Lights “


24 Hours in Dublin 

I have to confess I check flight prices every week. Every time I see prices dropping, I’m tempted to book a new flight. I usually never plan the trips, I just book the flight and figure out the rest later. January might be the coldest month to travel, but a warm coat, extra layers, warm tights, and a desire to explore a new country Continue reading “24 Hours in Dublin “

Short trip to Venice

Italy is one of the few countries, I would take my time to explore city by city. I feel like I would never get enough time to find all the hidden gems this country offers to tourists.

Despite the freezing temperature, I had a really good time in Italy and I also learned a few traveling lessons. The first city, my friend and I visited was Venice Continue reading “Short trip to Venice”