3. The Scottish Highlands 

If you were to become an expert in one traveling area, my expertise would definitely be in city exploring. When it comes to exploring urban areas, I tend to easily find my way around the places I want to visit. However, the Scottish Highlands was the exception to my previous travel experience, as I never had the opportunity to visit a place like this before. Continue reading “3. The Scottish Highlands “


The perks of a Rotary Scholar

As most of you know, I am a current Rotary Global Grant Scholar, which means that I get to be part of this awesome international community of people who are always looking after their scholars. The last blog post I wrote about an activity my Rotary host district planned was my visit to Windsor Castle, but I have been part of so many more since last year. Therefore, I decided to dedicate this post to recount all the amazing events my host district has planned and of course Continue reading “The perks of a Rotary Scholar”

My trip to Holland

Let’s just say my inner fan-girl made this trip happen, the original plan was to see Ed Sheeran in Zurich, but after this show sold out in a matter of minutes I ended up getting tickets for his tour in Amsterdam! I really didn’t do my research on this city and I just had selected a few places I wanted to visit.. being one of them, Anne Frank House. Continue reading “My trip to Holland”