Trip to Athens

If you’re looking for a vibrant city with amazing food, lovely views, summer heat, and friendly people, then Athens would be the perfect fit for you. If you wanna hear all about Greek gods and goddesses you must talk to the locals, they will happily share with you some curious facts. Moreover, if you’re a student prepare yourself to take advantage of free entrance to many touristic attractions.

If you’re keen on admiring graffiti murals, you will get to see a lot of them in Athens. I will totally call this city paradise for my brother, who happens to be a young graffiti artist.

However, the most important attraction you will not regret seeing is the Acropolis. I definitely loved learning about ancient Greeks, the relationship they had with gods, and the places they used to attend to participate in civic organization. A curious fact I learned during my stay was that the name of the city Athens comes from the goddess Athina as a tribute for protecting ancient Greeks and introducing them to the cultivation of olives.


If you think the Acropolis looks amazing during the day, prepare yourself to enjoy the night views from any rooftop restaurant in the city.

Another attraction you must visit is the Hadrian’s library, inside they have a room with ancient sculptures excavators have found within the area.

If you’re a museum lover, you must stop by the Acropolis museum. You’re not allowed to take pictures in the first floor, since the sculptures can be damaged. Inside the museum, you’ll see lots of sculptures ancient Greeks used to offer to the gods and some recreations of Athina sculpted in the past. Smaller sculptures were given by lower class Greeks, while bigger sculptures and expensive material sculptures were offered by more affluent Greeks.

You will also get to learn about the Persian wars and how these wars damaged the Acropolis. Curious fact: ancient Greeks decided to not reconstruct the Acropolis, because they wanted younger generations to understand the magnitude of the wars. Yet, if you want to see some pieces that have been recovered from the Acropolis, you’ll get to see them in the fourth floor of the museum.

Other attractions I visited were the Temple of the Olympian Zeus and the Arch of Hadrian.

Moving onto food recommendations, some of the locals suggested to visit Greek smaller taverns to try real Greek food.

I must say everything I tried tasted delicious, specially the olives, pork and feta cheese. My friend received a recommendation to visit a restaurant called 360 degrees, the night view of the Acropolis was one of my favorites, but the zucchini dish I ordered was probably the highlight of my trip. Up to this point, I’m still trying to recreate the recipe, but it looks like I’ll have to travel to Athens again to eat it.

Lastly, I saved our amazing suite for last. If you go to Athens, you must stay in Athens Suites. The apartments are within a five minute walk to Monastiraki Square and the train station.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures from Athens and reading my review on this amazing city.

Thanks for reading – Ingrid


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