My trip to Holland

Let’s just say my inner fan-girl made this trip happen, the original plan was to see Ed Sheeran in Zurich, but after this show sold out in a matter of minutes I ended up getting tickets for his tour in Amsterdam! I really didn’t do my research on this city and I just had selected a few places I wanted to visit.. being one of them, Anne Frank House.

Once I got to the airport, I headed to the tourist’s information kiosk to get information on places I must visit. They recommended me to visit Keukenhof, which is a tulip garden located in Lisse (25 minutes away from the airport). Not having anything planned, I headed to see this famous garden in Holland. The bundle offered at the airport included a round-trip ticket by bus and entrance to the garden, which was super convenient. I will totally recommend people to see this wonderful garden (btw it’s only open during spring time, so I got pretty lucky)!


Tulip fields in different rows of colors!



The next stop was Amsterdam. To my surprise the weather was sooo nice, which made it pleasant to walk by the canals without a coat. Walking by the canals, I started to recognize a few street from the movie “A fault in our stars.” I actually found the bench where Hazel and Gus seated in one of the love scenes, yet the bench is not a famous attraction, so that explains why it was fully covered in trash and a few love locks. img_0509

Entering the Anne Frank House becomes a total adventure by itself. The queue goes along three blocks, for those unlucky tourists that were unable to purchase tickets online (tickets sold out months in advance). After queuing for over 2.5 hours, I finally got to enter the house. You are not allowed to take pictures inside the house, but I don’t even think I’m capable of explaining how you feel once you are inside. You get to hear passages of her diary while exploring every room of the house, but once you get to the secret annex you are starting to understand how Jews felt during the war. I seriously have never felt so bad visiting a place, once you see and walk through the secret annex you can connect to how the families lived for two years. The wood floor was very thin, so I can’t even imagine how the families managed to move without making noises and alerting people from the bottom. The rooms were super small apart from the kitchen, which also happened to be the bedroom of two other people hiding in the annex.


The following day, I got to explore the city and visited the Van Gogh museum before heading to the concert venue. I also got to tried an all avocado restaurant, they had avocado drinks, avocado entrees, avocado main courses, and avocado dessert!


The van Gogh museum is a must-see attraction in Amsterdam. You get to see most of his art, which is displayed in different rooms. Each room has a story line of what inspired him to paint throughout the years. You also get to see how he experimented with different colors and textures!


Of course, I could not fail to include pictures of the concert, which was like a dream come true. I was sooo closed, it is still surreal to me after almost a month.


The following day, I headed to the Hague, because I wanted to see the famous painting of “The girl with the pearl earring.” I’m also including another of my favorite paintings from the Mauritshuis museum called “The bull.”



After visiting Amsterdam, I can now say I’m in love with the city. I would probably rank Amsterdam in my top three favorite cities in Europe. Well, that’s a wrap up of my trip. Hope you enjoy reading a little bit of what I did and visited while in Holland. Now I have to go back to reading articles and writing essays about devolution.

Thanks for reading – Ingrid.


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