24 Hours in Dublin 

I have to confess I check flight prices every week. Every time I see prices dropping, I’m tempted to book a new flight. I usually never plan the trips, I just book the flight and figure out the rest later. January might be the coldest month to travel, but a warm coat, extra layers, warm tights, and a desire to explore a new country can fix it.

Having said that, this weekend I had the opportunity to visit Dublin. After seeing the movie P.S. I love you for more than a million times, I knew I needed to visit Ireland at least once in my life. Additionally, I couldn’t say no to a £25 roundtrip to Dublin. Where did I go? What did I learn? Did I like it? Well, keep reading to find out all the places I visited in 24 hours.

1. The Temple Bar

This bar is within a five minute walk from the first bus stop in Dame Street. It opens at 5 pm and since, I went in the morning, I didn’t get to see the inside.

2. The Wall of Fame

This is in the opposite side of the Temple Bar. Only the best Irish musicians make it to the wall.

3. The Dublin Castle

I didn’t knew anything about Dublin prior  visiting the city, but one of the main attractions in the city is the castle. I followed my GPS, which guided me to the castle. I saw one medieval tower, but most of the infrastructure didn’t align with the medieval style. I’m so glad I took a guided tour, cause I learned really interesting facts about the castle. The castle was reconstructed using the Georgian style many years later after being destroyed in 1684. This was the center of rule, but only one tower has remained from the original construction. The tour consisted in a visit to the lower ground of the castle, the church, and the apartments. I included a description below each picture.

One of the rooms from the apartments. This room was the one used to present teenagers to society. Apparently, they were eligible for marriage once turning 14.
Unity of Scotland, Ireland, and England represented in one chandelier.
Queen Victoria portrait at 22.
The design of the ceiling in the church is the most popular attraction.
The construction of the church started on 1807 and it took seven years to construct. The original estimated budget was about £9,000, but at the end the budget was £50,000. It opened on Christmas Day, but sadly, the church is known to have a limbo status after being deconsecrated.
Going underground to see where the ships used to deliver goods.

4. St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

5. Trinity College

I wasn’t able to take pictures of the Book of Kells, but it was pretty impressive to see how well conserved this book is. It’s one of the Irish treasures and was written in the 800ce. In addition to seeing the book, I also saw the old library and learned that the harp is the national emblem of Ireland.

Ireland is the only country that has a musical instrument as an emblem.

6. The National Museum of Ireland – Archaelogy

This was my quickest visit. The museum is free, but I felt like I’ve seen most of the items that were been displayed in other museums.

7. The National Gallery of Ireland 

The European paintings exhibition was my favorite. This museum is also free and is around the corner of the archeological museum. I included pictures of some of my favorite paintings.

8. St. Stephen’s Green

By the time I was done exploring the museums, the park closed. I literally entered and a police officer directed me to the exit. Anyways, I took a few pictures from the outside. It seemed like a nice park, so next time I’ll try to visit before 4:45 pm.

9. Whelan’s 

This was one of my first stops. I finally went to the pub where Holly and Gerry met (P.S. I love you). The same pub Holly visited with her three friends, while she visited Ireland later in the movie. They had pictures of some movie scenes inside and I also found pics of Ed Sheeran (since he loves to play gigs in this pub).

So that was a lot of walking and exploring in a day. I can say my weekend was well spent in Dublin, the trip was better than what I expected. Hope you enjoyed reading today’s post.

Thanks for visiting Escaping The Routine – Ingrid


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