Short trip to Venice

Italy is one of the few countries, I would take my time to explore city by city. I feel like I would never get enough time to find all the hidden gems this country offers to tourists.

Despite the freezing temperature, I had a really good time in Italy and I also learned a few traveling lessons. The first city, my friend and I visited was Venice. We had an idea of which places to visit thanks to a recommendation from one of my classmates. The day we arrived, we had a hard time admiring the colorful buildings cause most of them were covered in fog, but that didn’t stop us. We walked along the Grand Canal, talked to some locals, tried some Italian food, and stopped by the local shops. You really need to be careful, once you start shopping is really hard to stop, since most clothes, souvenirs, and leather items are cheap.

I’m so used to traveling and paying everything with my travel credit card. I hardly ever carry cash with me. However, most shops in Venice didn’t accept credit cards. My friend rescued me several times, yet I learned I need to take some cash every time I travel. Thankfully I was traveling with my friend, who carefully prepared herself for the trip, if not I can’t even imagine how we would have paid for consumed food. Those are the things you learn once you expose yourself to a new adventure. You also fall in love with cities and you look forward to visiting them again.

While in Venice, one of my aunts contacted me and mentioned me she had a really good friend, who lived nearby. I got in contact with my aunt’s friend and my friend and I, ended up enjoying one of the best late night conversations in our trip. My aunt’s friend was so sweet and she shared lots of life experiences with us. Some of the places, I visited in Venice were: Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, and Dodge’s Palace.

I would totally recommend using the water bus instead of walking. The city is pretty big and you won’t be able to see many attractions, unless you use the public transportation. It’s also pretty impressive to see the city from a different perspective. Not to mention, you cannot go to Italy withtout trying the food and the delicious hot chocolate. Just to imagine the flavor of the hot chocolate makes me wanna think about booking another flight haha. I’ve included some pictures of the places I visited, but I’m pretty sure I’ll find a way to come back to Venice, so I can keep exploring (perhaps, summer might be a better time to visit). In this trip, I learned I can make the most out of a trip despite the weather conditions and I need to let myself try new food and drink flavors.

View of the Grand Canal


An alley near the Venetian Gettho


The Grand Canal


Piazza San Marco


Dodge’s Palace


I forgot to mention, there is a discounted student ticket for the palace. If you’re planning on going don’t forget to bring your ID with you.

Rialto Bridge


Delicious hot chocolate in Mestre


I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite pictures. Thanks for reading – Ingrid


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