Visit to Windsor Castle

I haven’t been very active for the last two months, but this month I’m planning on catching up with all the latest trips I’ve taken. Having said that, the first trip I’ll share with all of you is my visit to Windsor Castle.

Five weeks ago, I was invited to attend a tour to the Windsor Castle with my Rotary district. In the morning, we visited St. George’s Chapel. The tour guides made the visit interesting… they shared history of the edification of the church and the people who were buried inside. I was fascinated by the beautiful design of the church and the amazing marble statues of past monarchs and the royal family.

In the afternoon, we toured the castle. I loved that audio guides were provided in our visit. I particularly feel like I learned so much history in just one afternoon. I wasn’t able to take pictures inside, but I’ll do my best to describe some of my favorite exhibitions. The new exhibition that commemorates the 90th anniversary of the queen was definitely my favorite. A selection of evening gowns and beautiful detailed dresses are displayed in three rooms in addition to some of her hats. Each dress has a description of the day the queen wore the dress, in addition to a picture taken during the different events. Another of my favorite exhibitions was the doll house of Queen Mary, its a room that contains a gigantic doll house with lots of fancy small furniture and precious stones. Next to that room, there is a collection of two big dolls Queen Elizabeth II and her sister received from a visit her parents did to France. The wardrobe of the dolls was just beautiful and diverse, it had mostly coats, shoes, and evening gowns. The castle itself its magnificent and the shops in the town are a good distraction before you head home.

If you’re thinking of visiting the castle again, you’re able to purchase your ticket as a donation and get it stamp before leaving, so you can enter the castle other times within a year. I also included some pictures of my visit below.

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for reading my post – Ingrid.


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