Nine lessons

In my 22 years, life has taught me some lessons that I will never forget. Looking back to all those good and bad experiences, I am pretty sure that I would not change any single one of them because those experiences have helped me to become the person I am now.

Let me share with you some lessons that I’ve come to

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Be your healthy self

Two years ago, I learned the most important lesson of my life “HOW TO TAKE CARE OF MYSELF”. I guess we are used to wait until something bad happens in order to change your bad eating habits or try to exercise more frequently. It is normal since you are not having any problems, instead you try to take care of other stuff that are in your plate. Well, I woke up in an ambulance a Saturday
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Must-visit: Lake Ilopango

Sorry guys I haven’t been very active this week, but I promise that you will enjoy reading today’s post. As much as I wish to be in El Salvador right now, I have to remind myself that vacations are over, but it’s always nice to remember the places you visited and share some tips with future visitors.

I visited Lake Ilopango, which is located 30 minutes away from San Salvador. A little background history of how this lake was formed can be found here. This lake is a place you won’t regret visiting, if you don’t believe me just Continue reading “Must-visit: Lake Ilopango”

Beach day in El Salvador

As I promised you in my last post, I will finally start to share some details of my trip to El Salvador last december. It is perfect timing since El Salvador has been included in this year’s list of top 10 countries to visit.

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