2. Greece: Dreaming in Santorini

Even though it is been three months after I visited the island, I still dream I wake up in Oia to enjoy the marvelous sunrise. Santorini has become a very popular summer travel destination, so finding accommodation in Oia can be a little pricey. Continue reading “2. Greece: Dreaming in Santorini”


The perks of a Rotary Scholar

As most of you know, I am a current Rotary Global Grant Scholar, which means that I get to be part of this awesome international community of people who are always looking after their scholars. The last blog post I wrote about an activity my Rotary host district planned was my visit to Windsor Castle, but I have been part of so many more since last year. Therefore, I decided to dedicate this post to recount all the amazing events my host district has planned and of course Continue reading “The perks of a Rotary Scholar”

My trip to Holland

Let’s just say my inner fan-girl made this trip happen, the original plan was to see Ed Sheeran in Zurich, but after this show sold out in a matter of minutes I ended up getting tickets for his tour in Amsterdam! I really didn’t do my research on this city and I just had selected a few places I wanted to visit.. being one of them, Anne Frank House. Continue reading “My trip to Holland”

Winter Lights 

My favorite thing of living in London is that there’s always something going on. Last Tuesday after class, I went to an exhibition of LED lights in Canary Wharf.

A collection of 30 installations was being displayed for two weeks, so I had to stop to see the lights before they were removed. Since I had to walk a lot to find the lights and I had very limited time, I wasn’t able to see all of them. Continue reading “Winter Lights “